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Ivy Ho

Ivy Ho

Singapore, SG


Photography is a journey of discovery, where one immerses one's whole being to touch one's feelings and memories of the present, past and future.

A piece of fallen leaf swirling through the air... a lady with a yellow umbrella wading across Charles Bridge on a gloomy winter morning... the vibrant color of summer blooms... the invigorating sound of spring... these are things that stir Ivy's imagination.

AngsanaSeeds Photography is a collection of travel memories, where travel is defined as our every day journeys through life. Ivy's goal is to share with viewers through her portrait and street scenery the glimpses of beauty and soul that she encounters.

Capturing the fleeting beauty of moments in time is often spontaneous but Ivy continues to examine the scene or object in the editing studio, exploring and excavating until she has revealed the essence of the image.

Ivy's works have been featured in Eye on Fine Art Photography Magazine, Female Photographers of Etsy Collectives, Winnkstyle and numerous blogs. She is a member of the prestigious by-invitation-only The Artisan Group, and her photography has been selected for inclusion in a collaborative celebrity gift bag prepared by TAG in honor of 2014 GBK Golden Globe gift lounge, 2014 GBK's Primetime Emmys celebrity gift lounge and Earth Day 2014.

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All photographs are copyright AngsanaSeeds Photography 2012-2015. Please do not reproduce without the artist's permission.


Windmill by Ivy Ho


Lover's Bridge Paris by Ivy Ho


I believe I can fly - Seagull photo by Ivy Ho


Pomegranate for you by Ivy Ho


Pomegranate typography I love U by Ivy Ho


Pomegranate halves by Ivy Ho


Pomegranate still life by Ivy Ho


Paris Montmartre Rooftop by Ivy Ho


Fly away with me by Ivy Ho


Morning fields by Ivy Ho


Farm view by Ivy Ho


Pink flower heart by Ivy Ho


Coffee by Ivy Ho


Cappuccino by Ivy Ho


Lone tree by Ivy Ho


Pink Sky by Ivy Ho


Sunrise on the Farm by Ivy Ho


Red Onions by Ivy Ho


Color eggs by Ivy Ho


Trees by Ivy Ho


Pink rose by Ivy Ho


Twirl by Ivy Ho


Follow your dream by Ivy Ho


Moraine lake canoes by Ivy Ho


Peyto Lake by Ivy Ho


Paris rooftop Morning by Ivy Ho


Cold by Ivy Ho


Be still by Ivy Ho


On the Icefield Parkway by Ivy Ho


Sunshine in the woods by Ivy Ho


Summer at Pyramid Lake by Ivy Ho


Still by Ivy Ho


Ground Squirrel by Ivy Ho


The Sky is the limit by Ivy Ho


Pink rose The Queen by Ivy Ho


Spirit Island Dock by Ivy Ho


Spirit Island by Ivy Ho


Streets of Vancouver by Ivy Ho


Marina Vancouver by Ivy Ho


Granville street by Ivy Ho


Japanese maples by Ivy Ho


Seaplanes by Ivy Ho


Coal Harbor by Ivy Ho


Brown bear cub by Ivy Ho


Two violet roses by Ivy Ho


Brilliant Orange Gerbera Daisy by Ivy Ho


Antique Door Knob by Ivy Ho


Affection two horses by Ivy Ho